Different Ways of Cannabis Consumption

The consumption of cannabis is the second most important thing to keep in mind, after the substance itself. Nowadays, there are many methods to experiment with and if you're looking to be a seasoned cannabis aficionado, you should definitely cross out some of these methods from your checklist.

The three basic methods of consumption are: inhalation, oral and topical.


Smoking A joint

Smoking cannabis has been around since ancient times, and is the most commonly associated method for consumption of cannabis. When inhaled, the gases enter the lungs before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Cannabis smokers have a wide array of toys at their disposal, such as bongs, pipes, papers etc.. Each with their different experiences & highs.

Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers

Usually, these are made into joints, spliffs or blunts.

Joints are rolled with pure cannabis in papers made of plant fibers, hemp, bamboo or rice.

Cannabis Joint

Spliffs are rolled in the same paper spectrum as joints, but are split between cannabis & tobacco. The nicotine provides an initial head rush & an energetic physical buzz, which precedes the effects of cannabis.


Blunts are cannabis rolled in cigar paper made from tobacco. This is generally considered more of a 'heavy-hitter' due to the interaction between the tobacco paper and cannabis.

Cannabis Blunt


Marijuana Pipe

Pipes together with rolling papers, make up the most common way of smoking cannabis today, as they are generally favoured for their convenience: they are small, portable, and simple to use.
Hand pipes have become very artistic and are available in many creative forms and styles, both for appearance and functionality (such as pipes disguised as everyday objects for discretion). Pipes trap the smoke produced from burning cannabis, which is then inhaled by the user.



Bong are another form of common cannabis consumption. These pieces are so engrained in the cannabis culture that many connoisseurs give their bongs names and make them a crucial part within their smoking circle. Like the pipes, bongs also come in a variety of style and designs ranging from basic to sophisticated. After the bowl of the bong has been packed and water has been inserted int the bong, the substance is then lit up and the smoke is drawn through the water to produce a smoother method of smoking.


Mouth Oral

The oral method includes consumption through the mouth, which are infused food & drinks, ingestible oils and tinctures.


Cannabis Space Cakes

The effect received from eating or drinking cannabis is significantly different from methods that immediately enter the bloodstream, such as smoking. The effect tend to have a longer duration and cause a powerful full-body, psychoactive effect.
Cannabis infused food and drinks can be made a variety of ways ranging in difficulty, but for anyone that want to try out a super-easy and yet very efficient way, then we recommend the Firecracker.


Cannabis Oil

The ingestible oils are swallowed and digested like an infused product, but are usually in the form of either oils that you mix in a drink or food, or as easily-ingested capsules.


Cannabis Tincture

Tinctures are a liquid cannabis extract for consumers looking for optional ways of consumption without smoking. Generally, drops of tincture are placed under the tongue, where it's then absorbed into the body (versus swallowed and digested). The tinctures are then immediately absorbed in an empty stomach, but require time to process through the liver, reducing dosage control.


Cannabis Topical Cream

The topical method utilizes cannabis extract, that can be absorbed through the skin. What separates the topical method from the others is that you don't get high. Hence, topicals are much more appropriate for consumers needing a clear head and localized relief (e.g muscle aches).

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