How to increase your chances of passing a drug test

If you've got a drug test coming up and you've been smoking quite frequently lately, fear not, as there might still be a chance to pass the test with flying colours. These drinks are reported to help remove THC from the system.

Cannabis & Joints

The Cannabis Culture

Cannabis is still surrounded by a social stigma, despite being comparatively safer than other drugs and demonstrating well-researched medicinal properties. The herb got its negative public image in the early 20th century as a result of propaganda in the name of competition, profit, and ignorance.

Unfortunately, this has led to strict prohibitions, as well as regulations of many workplaces, causing employers to perform drug tests on the employees. Hypocritically, a majority of employers accept alcohol use, a drug proven to be far more dangerous, yet will not tolerate cannabis use. This means that people that use cannabis recreationally & for medicinal purposes face the possibility of losing their jobs and damaging their careers. As people are becoming more aware, and cannabis is starting to get more socially accepted, more individuals now use it regardless of the rules in effect at their workplace.

Increase Your Chances

If you're unlucky and get called in on a routine, or even last minute drug test, there are ways to improve your chances of passing them. Even if you've consumed THC fairly recently, these drinks are an effective way of getting rid of the molecules from your system before your employer gets the chance to bust you for it.

There are various ways of detecting THC use, although we will focus on urine, as chances are that your workplace will most likely elect to test urine samples. An infrequent user will test positive up to four days after last smoking the herb. A frequent user up to 10 days, and a heavy user can show positive anywhere between 1-2 months after last smoking. These drinks serve as a tool to reduce these time frames.

What are these drinks?

Nothing too complicated and no miracles, but these drinks work by flushing the THC metabolites out of the system. It cleanses the body and boosts the chance of passing a drug test. Realistically, a short period of abstinence is required alongside these liquids in order to maximize the effectiveness, so don't hit a fat bowl hours before the test.


Lemons are preached by many health gurus for its effectiveness in cleansing the body and shifting toxins. It is reported that lemons have the ability to flush THC metabolites out of the system in surprisingly small quantities. It is advised to mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with 500ml of water, which should be sipped frequently over the course of several hours. Drink the mixture around 7-8 times over a few days before the drug screening and be sure that you consume enough. Better to drink more than less!



Well, this is great news for all the coffee lovers out there (including myself). As coffee is a natural diuretic, meaning that it helps to remove excess water from the body, drinking a good amount of it will really help to open the floodgates. Naturally, as you'd be losing a lot of water, be sure to take in a lot of water too. This will replace what you lose while continuing to encourage your body to flush everything out.



Ah, the old classic cranberry juice. By drinking cranberry juice you're not so much hiding or masking the THC in your system, but instead it's more about a natural way to flush out your system as rapidly and thoroughly as possible. The best way to use cranberry is to drink it with tons of water. This will really make you pee, and the more your pee, the more you might be able to flush out of your system.

An extra tip for this though, by drinking a lot of liquids your urine will look very watered down. Hence, try taking B-vitamin supplement pills to add a little colour to your urine sample and to make it look more natural and less suspicious.

Cranberry Juice


Why not keep is simple? Drinking enough water will dilute your urine and have you peeing clear. If you have a drug test inbound, aim to really smash down some water during the hour before it occurs. Also, remember taking B-vitamins so that your urine won't be entirely transparent.


Being subjected to a drug test after cannabis consumption (especially if you're a heavy smoker) can be a very stressful experience. Need to get weed out of your system fast? Try these tips out and they should improve your chance of passing.

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