The Story of 420


It doesn't matter if you smoke marijuana or not, everyone recognises 4/20 (20th of April) as the national holiday for cannabis. My favourite time of the day is definitely 4:20 pm, as it has become something like a daily mini-celebration.
As 420 has been a code word for marijuana for decades and has a big significance in the cannabis world, let's take a look at where it actually came from.

The Misconception

There are many theories & stories about how 420 came to existence, so to start off- let's debunk the most common misconception surrounding 420.
There were rumours that 420 was the police radio code for a marijuana offence in progress. This is completely false, as there are no penal codes relating to cannabis with the number 420. There is one piece of cannabis legislation with the number 420, which is the California Senate Bill 420. However, it was published in 2003, long after the term's popularisation. 

The Origin

So what is the truth and where did 420 originate from? It all started in San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California. The school had built a statue of an important figure to encourage good study from students. As it turned out, the statue became a meeting spot for a certain group of students. The group of friends met regularly at the secluded statue to smoke marijuana, and they'd usually meet around 4:20 pm. Hence, 420 would become the word that they would use to arrange a meet-up. 
As the story is relatable given the fact that you have to seek out a discreet place to smoke marijuana in defiance of authority, the story spread throughout California and further worldwide.
Ultimately, the meaning of 420 is a reference to the time in the afternoon when these particular students smoked pot and thus, they birthed the holiday for cannabis enthusiast.

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