Top Reasons Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

Ah, marijuana. The horrible, dangerous & deadly drug that the older generation, politicians & big business's look down upon. But why is that? Surely, there must be a reason for marijuana to be illegal? Well, let's take a look at the facts and determine just why marijuana should stay illegal.

Cannabis flower

Gateway Drug

So you've decided to try pot. Well, then you should know that you will most likely end up with a needle in your arm in the following days. It's 'scientifically' proven that cannabis is 100% a gateway drug, and that you feel the allure of more stronger illicit drugs right after the first puff from the joint/bong or any other methods of consumption.
Well, you're in luck! As marijuana is illegal in the majority of the world, you have to buy it from an unauthorised source, aka a 'drug dealer'. Now, you should not confuse a drug dealer with a pharmacist. Even though the resemblance of their jobs are uncanny. The drug dealers usually have a range of varying drugs, from rookie marijuana to hardcore fentanyl or heroin, and they'd gladly get you hooked on some other more addictive drugs. Hence, proving that marijuana is as a matter of fact the gateway drug to EVERYTHING bad in the world we live in.



In EU alone, each year 22 million users of cannabis spends an estimated €9 billion on the drug, thus making it the largest illicit market of its kind. Now, just imagine for a second that it would be legal. The consequences would be terrifying. First of all, the police would most likely go out of business. They're currently doing a very good job putting resources into going after & harassing cannabis users on behalf of the state, whilst this could have been a focus towards criminals that actually cause real harm. This has created a big gap between people & the police, which mindlessly enforce and follow the almighty regulations. The war on drugs is no doubt a huge success. The governments decided that instead of drugs destroying once life, it should be the police and government's job. And we can clearly see that it's working, as the prison business is booming and millions of people have died in vain or turned to a life of criminality because of this. Let's take a look at some statistics from the U.S alone:

 Annual spending on the war on drugs in the U.S: €42+ billions
Number of arrests in 2017 in the U.S. for drug law violations: 1,632,921
Number of drug arrests that were for possession only: 1,394,514
Number of people arrested for a marijuana law violation in 2017: 659,700
Number of those charged with marijuana law violations who were arrested for  possession only: 599,282

As you can see in the graph above, the war on drugs is money well spent and the people that are mostly affected are using it for their own consumption. The governments way of turning regular people into criminals is working effectively. For further statistics, click here.

Young man smoking a blunt

Legalising dope encourages young people to smoke.

Yes that is correct. Right now in its illegal state, anyone could go outside and ask a shady looking stranger, or just order online to get drugs. Many dealers do not care for your age, and would gladly sell you anything you'd like. By legalising marijuana and putting age restrictions on it, not only will it be uhh.. easier for a minor to get it, but it also encourages them..? Ok this makes no sense at all.

In conclusion...

It makes absolutely no sense for cannabis to be illegal. The government will not only thrive as they get their taxes from the cut, but people will also generally be happier as they won't have to be paranoid and scared of police ruining their lives and careers. Prohibition is not the answer, especially when drugs are so easily accessible. So many people have been wrongfully sentenced and pushed to a life of crime by this colossal 'war on drugs' fiasco. 
The good news is, thanks to the internet people are becoming more aware. Instead of propaganda, we start to see facts which in turn is leading to change. It's important to note that cannabis has been used for centuries and only recently, in the 1930's was deemed illegal due to racism & political lobbying. Naturally, just because people used something in the past doesn't always mean that it was a good thing. Although with modern research proving that marijuana has real medical benefits, like decreasing seizures and alleviating pain without causing physical dependence (*cough* pharma industry), it shows without doubt that the plant has been demonised for all the wrong reasons.

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