Express Yourself

Nova Scotia Tee, Upington Long Sleeve Black

Fashion reflects our personality and is a form of our self-expression. Your style is a way of showing your identity and preferences without the use of words.
Hence, clothes these days represent so much more than its functional role.

Many people see fashion as being tied to wearing designer pieces that would set you back thousand, if not millions of dollars. However, that’s not true. As long as you compliment your image and enhance your features with the right apparel, you could consider yourself a fashionable person.

Get Creative.

Wear pieces that are bold. Don’t allow the outside world to dictate what you’re wearing. It’s important to let your wardrobe be about you. Only wear clothes that make you feel & look good and that gives your personality a bright shine.

Get Simple.

Fashion does not have to be complicated. You can make a good impression by dressing simple, yet smart. With our first collection, we offer simplicity that still communicates the message in an effective way. Combine it with other different pieces of clothing in order to create & show off your unique style.


BAKED’s vision is to unite cannabis users worldwide through a simple, yet powerful way. Fashion.
Everybody's wardrobe should be filled with apparel that truly represents who they are as a person. Once you do that, you’ll discover how to express yourself through fashion.

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  • i agree. good way of expressing personality

    • sunjay singh
  • Good read. Well said!

    • Peter Welsh