Covid-19 Update

First off, we apologize for not making this update sooner.

With our warehouse being in the U.K- we first got hit with Brexit and now Covid-19, so right now there are not much we can do in terms of production.
However, that does not mean that our work is halted. Meanwhile the crisis is ongoing, we plan for the future. We are currently making deals with partners to ensure that we receive even higher quality gear while not compromising the toll on our environment. We are also drawing up new and fresh designs to be ready once we can launch again. There are a lot...

Cannabis in Europe

Cannabis in Europe

Cannabis is currently fully legal for recreational use in only two countries; Uruguay, and recently Canada. Nonetheless, the movement shows great promise as several states in the US have started to adapt their laws. At the same time more countries worldwide are starting to discuss a more progressive policy.


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As cannabis becomes more accepted throughout the world, we can see big movements starting in Europe as well.

A significant milestone for Europe & the European Union was in November last year, when Luxembourg announced that they will legalize...